Regulatory services

Value Healthcare provides regulatory services to all our Principals and the compliances and policies are regularly communicated and updated to our Principals. Years of experience with regulatory processes have enabled us to always complete the registration timely.

Through our highly competent and committed regulatory managers, we have assisted many Principals to enter markets successfully.

Market Research

Our Market Research team is well connected to targeted customer groups and key opinion leaders who are spearheading the Healthcare Industry in the country.

Marketing Services

We give focus on each product to entail an optimum yield and highest productivity with sustainable profits for our partners.

Media Services

With a great sense of social responsibility, Value Healthcare owns the magazine “Health Watch”, the first health magazine in Myanmar from pharmaceutical distribution company with thousands of copies in circulation every month and distributed to all medical doctors free of charge.

Highlights are given priority to showcase the products of Value Healthcare’s Principals. Health Watch also features monthly write-ups from prominent key opinion leaders, concerning local treatment guidelines which extend their knowledge to younger medical doctors with clinical write.

Market Information

Besides digital information which can be collected, the market analysis by our experienced management team is essential for decision making. Different layers of feedback provides precious resources that ensure we are heading towards the right direction.

Logistics & Manpower

Logistics works with good market analysis, and good manpower management provides the most superior logistics services. We are confident that the strictest and most professional processes are practiced to retain the best quality employees in the country.

Sales & Distribution

Every year, our partners are encouraged to conduct random audits to our warehousing facilities. We are confident with the distribution and storage services that are provided to our clients as we are recognized by our clients every year. Temperature control equipment are calibrated yearly and we also adhere strictly to the guidelines set by World Health Organization (WHO) for Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Storage Practice (GSP).

Likewise, our human resource team provides series of in-house and international trainings to our sales and marketing department to ensure that our clients will achieve their annual sales budget in the country.

Business Analysis

Monthly, quarterly and annually, Value Healthcare management committee conducts business reviews through a Tableau System, analyzing product sales, customer class sales, principal sales.

Each process link with each other to hone a higher sales in the succeeding cycle, and as a result, the market potentials are maximized on all product portfolios.

Business Report

Our software provides reports that are required for business analysis, accounting reports and rolling forecasts. All reports are delivered on time and with the highest accuracy.

Principals will be able to have access to the reports as and when required, by just simply log in to their account on Value Healthcare’s website.